The Refined Investor is my daily journal of the markets, published after the close on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with a week-in-review published Saturdays. The report is tailored for the self-motivated investor, and contains my current outlook and trading strategies in currencies, stocks, and commodities. To allow maximum participation, the strategies will exist entirely in the ETF universe, no futures or forex experience required.

This is not a daytrading or swing trading site, even though there are sound principles derived from both approaches. The goal of The Refined Investor is to find those investments worthy of our money and mental capital, at a time where we have expectations for maximum price appreciation and proper risk management. Ideally, these positions will be held for weeks and months at a time, or until the market tells us differently, regardless of expectations.

In addition to the daily report, subscribers will have special access to:

  • Regularly updated charts, showing my notes from the T.E.M.P.O.S system
  • Intraday updates as ideal setups take shape
  • Constructive feedback and commentary

It is my personal goal that a subscription to The Refined Investor will be the best investment you make all year. The subscription is offered in two versions:

  • $39 Monthly or
  • $399 Annually

Join me in refining your investing.

Steve Chapman, TRI